1963 Shasta Deluxe

We got this trailer in December 2010. My Wife Drove from Dallas Texas To Santa Rosa Calf. to bring her home. The following are pictures of the Trailer when we got it and the rebuild as it happens.
Here she is when we picked it up in Santa Rosa.
When we got her home, we started to open her up to see what kinda water damage she had.
This was where the water tank sat. Notice the front of the trailer is missing.
At this point we were only going to replace the front and back walls, and the front part of the floor.
Notice the skin is missing on one side. OMG what have I done?
Seems that you have to take the skin off to see the damage.
Boy did we find the damage.
Here's a closer view of the side
This is above the door.
Rot Everywhere
Can't really see the damage on the back yet.
But look a little lower and there it is
The whole front was rotted, I can't believe it made the trip to Texas.
A pile of rotted wood
The back inside of the trailer
The roof vent removed, more damage
It was a this point we decided to rebuild the whole thing from the ground up
Here is the back skinned
The back
lots of holes
The sides just before I took them off
One side gone
The skin waiting to be reused
This is the roof standing up
Here is the frame, I repaired it where  it needed, and started installing the deck
This shows that I went back the same it was. 1/2" black construction board under 1/2" plywood.
I figured it lasted 50 years like, this why try to improve it.
I had to rebuild the boxs that held the Water tank, toilet, and plumbing drains. 2/16/2011
The floor is all finished, and the wheel weal's reinstalled
Working hard rebuilding and refinishing the cabinets
When I removed the old Black Water tank I could not remove the toilet flange, seems that after 50 years they tend to weld them self's on.
I went to a tank Manufacturer, and Had a new one made out of polypro. It cost me $150.00
This is the main cabinet that sets next to the door. I am refinishing all the cabinets, and replacing the bad wood with new. Hopefully I only have one more coat of Poly to apply.
when the cabinets are finished I get to start on the walls.
To be continued!!!! 3-1-2011
After a little break We are back to the Pink trailer November 2012. Pulling her out of the work shop
You can see the back quarter is now on and the cabinets are in place.
The Back is also on.
The other quarter is attached. All the trailer is made of is 1/8 inch plywood and 1 x 3's
This all was done the first of Nov 2012
Trying to get every thing to lineup and fit.
This is the inside back right after we got it put back together
It is now mid Nov. and you can see I have the whole side done and the tin is somewhat on.
The other side, I have not got the front attached as of yet.
Now the front is on and this it from the inside.
Front inside left corner
View from the front to the back inside
Coming out of the workshop again.
Nicki and I are making sure the tin fits after we finished the sides. It did not and it took me two days to get it all to fit like it should. All the lines on the trailer are from a bush that was growing on it when we bought it.
More to come,,,, Dec 2 2012